I Teach Recruiters Tech

I'm building a course specially designed to teach tech recruiters tech topics.

Learn the latest technology in language you can understand. Understand the tech ecosystem and how your clients fit into it.

Why You Should Care

I have performed surveys that indicate that most of the top reasons why developers don’t respond to recruiters are things you can fix by understanding technology, developers, and tech culture more. My argument is this: if you want to improve your response rate and get higher quality candidates on the hook you will benefit from this course.

I have interviewed extremely senior recruiters who have also shared the same insights about "not doing things in a cookie-cutter fashion" and how generally understanding the industry better leads to better results. You can learn tech topics somewhere else, but I am building this course specifically for recruiters and it will be curated all in one place for you.

Some Reasons Why Developers Don’t Respond:

  •  🤔 Mismatched technology skillset in proposal
  •  🔧 Mismatched skill level / career level
  •  🗣️ Off-putting language in your email
  •  🗺️ Geographic location mismatch
  •  💤 Company / role seems uninteresting
  •  🗑️ Clearly sent from a bulk campaign.

What Will I Learn?

  •  What developers think (and what makes them hit reply)
  •  Frontend Technology vs Backend Technology
  •  Mobile Devs vs Web Devs
  •  Dissecting common websites and apps
  •  Tech stacks compare and contrast (.NET, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP)
  •  Deep dive on React, Vue, Angular, and more!
  •  Intro to server architecture
  •  Cloud providers overview (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)
  •  How to spot a good junior dev

What Do I get

  •  Lifetime access to the video course
  •  All slide decks
  •  Additional Notes and Links
  •  Updates when new content is added to the course
  •  100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied

Meet The Author

I'm Aaron Decker, a full stack developer with about 10 years of experience writing code. I have worked as a Tech Lead and hired a teams, as Senior Software Engineer at multiple fortune 500 companies building large products, and taught programming courses as an Adjunct Instructor at a local community college.

This course draws on my experience hiring, teaching, and working in the industry. You can reach me directly at aaron@ard.ninja or Twitter @dynamicdoublea. I blog sometimes at http://ard.ninja.


What Topics Does It Cover?

This course will cover common tech topics, the tech ecosystem in general, and the mindset of software developers. Most of the topics are listed above under the "What Will I Learn?" section, but I will be adding more.

Will There Be Updates?

Yes! My plan is to continue to keep this course up to date. You buy it once and get access for life but I will continue to update the content and build new course modules. If I ever shut the course down I will provide the video files to every customer.

What if I don't like it?

I am going to offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on the course (I'll refund you if your not satisfied, in other words!). I'm trying to make the best quality product I possibly can and give people the maximum value for what the pay and I want you to be totally happy with this course!

Have another question?

No problem, feel free to email me aaron@ard.ninja. I try to answer all of my email promptly!

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