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Some commonly asked questions about ITeach recruiters


What topics does the main course cover?

It covers a huge amount of material. I try to focus on explaining how engineers do their jobs, what software teams are like, common technology used, and of course, what engineers think about recruiters. You can view the entire curriculum here .

Is there a bulk discount available?

Absolutely! Just use the contact form, or email me directly (aaron@ard.ninja) to talk.

What other courses do you plan to make?

Depending on demand, I'd like to work on some more specific smaller courses about certain technology topics, but I also am working with some recruiters to develop courses more about recruiting (and less about technology) which I will make available through the platform.

What are your plans for the future?

Right now I am focused on making the current course as good as possible. In the future I'd like to build more courses, do in-person consulting, and possibly work on a software product for recruiters. Long-term, I'm very interested in building software tools for recruiters (I do really like building products). If you want to collaborate on something get in touch!

Will there be updates?

Yes! I'll continue to update the main course. I want to keep it in "beta" forever and continually improve it. You buy it once and get access for life but I will continue to update the content and build new course modules. If I ever shut the course down I will provide the video files to every customer.

Do you have an affiliates program?

Yes, contact me.

What if I don't like it?

I offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on the course (I'll refund you if you're not satisfied, in other words!). I'm trying to make the best quality product I possibly can and give people the maximum value for what they pay and I want you to be totally happy with this course!

Have another question?

No problem, feel free to email me aaron@ard.ninja or use the contact form. I try to answer all of my email promptly!