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Some commonly asked questions about ITeach recruiters


What Topics Does It Cover?

Good news, I finally got done with the course outline here: Courses and Course Outlines. I plan to cover a number of topics but the focus will be software engineers, what they are looking for, how to evaluate engineers, and the basics of software engineering and the software development process.

When is it launching?

I have most of the content done, I am just focusing on polishing up the course now and recording and editing videos. I plan to launch it late November / early December 2019.

How much will it cost?

I have decided on a price - I am going to price the course at $199 a seat. For this price students will get permanent access to the course. This is higher than I originally thought I might price it, but it sounds like most people will be able to get their employer to reimburse them.

Will There Be Updates?

Yes! My plan is to continue to keep this course up to date. You buy it once and get access for life but I will continue to update the content and build new course modules. If I ever shut the course down I will provide the video files to every customer.

What if I don't like it?

I am going to offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on the course (I'll refund you if your not satisfied, in other words!). I'm trying to make the best quality product I possibly can and give people the maximum value for what the pay and I want you to be totally happy with this course!

Have another question?

No problem, feel free to email me aaron@ard.ninja. I try to answer all of my email promptly!