ITeach Recruiters Developer Affiliates

Help me teach recruiters by becoming a developer affiliate

Are you a developer with lots of recruiters contacting you?

Want to try to earn some money from this resource?

Become an affiliate for ITeach Recruiters. Help me sell my course that teaches tech topics to technical recruiters so they don't mix up Java and JavaScript anymore!

How much is the commission?


That means for every course you sell at $299 you will get $59.80 before fees. The affiliates system is set up through teachable, so payouts and tax forms and everything are automatically handled through the Teachable platform.

And by the way, if you sell more than 10 courses, I will bump your affiliate rate up to 25%.

Contact me to get started

Put "iteach recruiters affiliate" in the subject line

Sorry, I didn't feel like making a form for this. You can just email me, I swear it is not that hard!