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Parts of a Software Project

A mini-course overview of the process, people, and infrastructure in a typical software project.

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Online Video Course, ~20 minutes


    How To Speak Software Engineering Jargon For Recruiters

    The flagship Course! Learn the basics of building software and common web development technical topics.

    Online Video Course, Over 5.5 hours of content.


      Custom Training
      I offer custom training and consulting, I will do live video calls with your team to go over specific technical topics you request.

      Live Video Call, minimum 1 hour

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        Reviews of: How To Speak Software Engineering Jargon For Recruiters

        "Aarons course did wonders for me as a new tech recruiter! I started it knowing almost nothing about the tech world and after completing the course, I was able to better articulate how development and design work in order to understand what my candidates do everyday. It's great to be able to speak my candidates language and relate to them on a deeper level. "

        - Grace Fjellanger

        "As someone who has never written a line of code before I think this course is something special. Being able to gain deeper technical knowledge as well as insight into how developers truly view the work recruiters do is highly beneficial. This course has the ability to change a lot in the world of technical recruiting."

        - Stephanie Paulson

        "This course is a great way for a new technical recruiter to gain perspective from an engineer's point of view as well as dive deeper into some more technical concepts to more easily relate with engineers. There’s a lot of value to be had and it can definitely help you get up to speed faster as a new recruiter."

        - Quinn Marzolf

        "A comprehensive look at what software engineers do, the technologies involved, and what their job search is like. Your course is the info I expected to get out of the training for my current job, but unfortunately my training wasn't nearly as thorough."

        - Chris Kurker

        "Aaron made a professional and thoughtful presentation to our group of recruiters. He has a passion for the process that occurs between an technical candidate and a Talent Acquisition Professional and can offer helpful insight into improving that relationship."

        - Rick DesLauriers, Owner of Recruiters of Minnesota