List of Courses at ITeach Recruiters

A full list of courses and course outlines at ITeachRecruiters

1. How To Speak Software Engineering Jargon For Recruiters

The flagship ITeach Recruiters Course!

Target Release Data: Late Nov 2019/ Early December 2019

This is the first course I am building as part of ITeach Recruiters and it will be the flagship course. I plan to cover everything I can (broadly) about software engineering, what engineers do, the basic lifecycle of producing software and as much Jargon as I can that you will see when reading job descriptions and resumes.

Course Outline

  • 1. Introduction

    I talk about my background, and do a quick overview of what will be in the course. I talk about my inspiration for the course and what I think you can get from it.

  • 2. Research (Surveys)

    I go over the results of some surveys I did, including specifically what makes developers NOT respond to recruiters

  • 3. Engineer Opinions

    I talk about the stack overflow developer survey and present some common opinions I hear senior engineers say. I talk about what you can do to make people respond more often.

  • 4. Development Lifecycle, and the tools involved

    I talk about the parts of building a software applications and how each role in technology fits into it.

  • 5. Frontend Vs Backend

    A deep dive into how frontend and backend developers work, where to find them, and what it means to be each kind of developer. I also talk about the idea of a fullstack dev.

  • 6. Microsoft .NET Vs Java Vs Everyone else

    I talk about the big juggernaut backend tech stacks - Microsft .NET and Oracle's Java. I also bring up how other stacks fit into this ecosystem.

  • 7. SPAs vs Templating Frameworks

    I talk about the main paradigms in modern web development, how we got where we are, and how you can use your understanding of this to help find candidates and match jobs better.

  • 8. WordPress

    Where does WordPress fit into modern software engineering?

  • 9. Languages and Stacks

    A big tour of the most common web development languages and tech stacks. I try to reveal all of the jargon around these.

  • 10. Mobile Vs Web Devs

    How is web development different from mobile development? What are cross platform frameworks and how do they work? Can you hire a web dev for mobile dev work?

  • 11. Desktop App Development

    Are people still doing desktop application development? What languages are the using, what does it mean?

  • 12. UI Designers and Developers

    What is the difference between a UI Designer, UI developer, frontend engineer, etc? What do hiring managers really mean here?

  • 13. Common points of confusion

    A catch-all section for common things I see people mixing up.

  • 14. Open Source

    What is open source and how can you use to find good developers?

  • 15. Paradigms and Design patterns

    What are the main paradigms in programming languages? What really makes one language different from another? I try to explain lost of computer science jargon here.

  • 16. A tour of databases

    I talk about databases, and explain the landscape today.

  • 17. Dev-Ops Skills

    Dev ops and skills related to operating and maintaining software in production. Can any developer do ops? How about Backend Engineers, where do they fit in?

  • 18. Types of Work Environments

    Startup Vs Big co, remote vs onsite, generally I just go over why some people may prefer one or the other and how you can use this to help pitch jobs.

2. Big Data And Machine Learning Jargon Exaplained Recruiting

Big data and machine learning concepts at a very high level.

Target Release Data: March 2020

This course is going to focus on the jargon you need to understand to recruit machine learning (aka AI) developers, as well as big data engineers.

3. Advanced JavaScript and Frontend Recruiting

How to evaluate and recruit frontend JavaScript devs

Target Release Data: June 2020

This course will focus on recruiting for React, Angular and Vue. This will be a little bit different: I will actually go through a lot of evaluation tools and show how to gauge skill, experience level and fit on teams.